Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Break from Curls

Not the smartest move in the world, if you ask us, but some people go to extremes to stray from their curls and straighten their hair. But we certainly understand occasionally considering taking a break from our curls and shocking the world. We recently came across an article in The Frizky website highlighting 12 celebrities who did just that.

Topping their list is Carrot Top, whose signature orange curls brought him much fame (or perhaps infamy). It took four hours of "pulling, yanking and tugging" to get the sleek look. End result? He looks like the bride of Chuckie, the website writes! What do you think? 

Who else made the switch, at least for a brief moment, to straight hair? Taylor Swift, Annalynne McCord, Robert Pattinson, Beyonce, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Jonas, Jennifer Beals, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Minnie Driver. 

Now the good news? They all eventually find their way back to their natural curls! Because, after all, what better way to be than to Live Curly, Live Free?

Live Curly, Live Free, The e-book, is available for Kindle, iPad and Nook formats. In it, Curl Whisperer Tiffany Anderson-Taylor tells us all we need to know to have healthy, happy curls.

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Marcelo said...

Used to be a huge fan of his until I learned that he straightened his hair... If I could ask him just one thing it would be, "what were you thinking??!???"