Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The $39.99 Temptation

It has happened to the best of us. We'll be happily about our days, and a product catches our attention. 

It promises smooth, shiny, silky hair. A dollop of this miracle potion and all our worries will disappear. We'll have the perfect hair, which will lead to the perfect mate, the perfect home, the perfect job.

We pick it up: $39.99 for a 3 oz bottle.  Outrageous? Perhaps. But $39.99 for what will turn us into beauty queens? A bargain. We proudly carry the miracle bottle to the counter and hurry home to transform ourselves.

At home, the buzz quickly fades into disappointment. Yet another product cluttering up our cabinets, another product that failed us.

* * *

There's a better way: Accepting   Embracing   no, LOVING our curls. That's what happens when we Live Curly, Live Free. The way to beautiful hair. With no fuss, no chemicals, no $39.99 3 oz miracle cures. 

Because  our curls don't need any of that. There's no feeling better than being free.

Want to get in on The Secret?

Live Curly, Live Free, The e-book, is available for Kindle, iPad and Nook formats. In it, Curl Whisperer Tiffany Anderson-Taylor tells us all we need to know to have healthy, happy curls.

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