Sunday, March 10, 2013

What You'll Find

Our book is the ultimate guide to understanding your hair. Because once you "get it," taking care of it and uncovering your beautiful curls will be a breeze. Here is some of the topics we cover:

Weather: Why dew point and not humidity is the key to understanding how your hair reacts in certain weather, and how you can adjust your curl maintenance routine accordingly.

Product ingredients: We look at product ingredients beyond sulfates and silicones. We have an entire chapter on essential oils, humectants, fatty alcohols, petrochemicals, salts, proteins and other ingredients found in hair care products.

Putting it all together: Handy charts outline guidelines for product selection based on hair porosity, texture, climate and product ingredient suitability.

And so much more! 

Want to get in on The Secret?
Live Curly, Live Free, The e-book, is available for Kindle, iPad and Nook formats. In it, Curl Whisperer Tiffany Anderson-Taylor tells us all we need to know to have healthy, happy curls.

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Curly J said...

I am a curly girl (going on 3 years since I stopped blowing out my hair) and still on a quest for information. I bought a curly girl handbook last year and while it had some good insight, it still wasn't addressing my own personal hair issues and questions I had regarding the right products for me. Your book is tremendous! Bought it last night and have read it cover to cover already! Told my two curly sisters about it, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the science behind the hair, the ingredient list, the common sense regarding hair properties and not curl type, and for putting the information I've been searching for out there, finally!