Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

So they say. But is it flattery when others want to profit from it and stoop to stealing rather than putting in the hard work and effort themselves?

I've had a couple of little industry birdies whispering in my ear over the last month or so, that others within the professional beauty industry are potentially looking to appropriate my blog posts, forum posts, web site information, etc. for their own for-profit publication. And I have to be honest--that leaves a really, really bad taste in my mouth.

So, I am taking a brief hiatus from posting any more of my research findings, hair science information, etc., until I figure out how I am going to manage this. And that really pisses me off more than anything, because there are a whole lot of women out there who tell me they are finally starting to understand their hair better and get a handle on it for the first time in their lives--and now, I have to leave them in limbo for a while because of some common thieves who only care about lining their own pockets at the expense of others.

Bah. I thought I left this kind of crap behind when I bailed out of corporate America. But apparently, there are shysters anywhere you go.

Any suggestions are welcome--well, anything that is legal and doesn't involve calling my Uncle Guido.


CurlyCara aka Cara Lynn said...

Maybe turn your posts into one big picture and Strutts Wife behind the wording.

Girl with Curl said...

You should copyright your blog. I've seen some blogs that copyright their info and does hold up legally.

Sorry someone's stealing your hard earned work - not right at all.

the23rdelf said...

Sorry to hear that. Your blog is super useful, well-written and thorough. Looking forward to hearing that this is resolved.

Julie said...

Well that stinks. We will miss your findings and hope that you get it cleared up asap!

msphyee said...

That is terrible corporate america is attempting to profit off of YOUR work. I found a really good site that may help you out: Lorelle on - "What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content". Make sure you have some time to read it - the article is quite long, but very helpful.

D_luv said...

That's lame. Maybe the copyright idea would work? Either way, I hope ur blog continues... I am a visitor from curly nikki and feel instantly in love with your site -- I even sent to some facebook friends. Don't be discouraged... keep doing what you're doing.

masa_inn said...

I have a blog chock-full of pictures. All of them have my watermark=copyright; yet, they are being used on ebay etc.

Hope you find a way to deal with it. I miss you posts, they are really helpful and informative.



ayo said...

I just started to read your articles and i love it. I was speaking to a woman who felt the same way about her workbooks and etc, her ideas being taken and used.

One thing i have to say is that as professionals, we must have an open heart and spirit for those that are learning, growing, and coming behind us. Your ideas are not your own. They were given to you by a higher power, the unlimited source of your supply. Think of children. Although you may have birthed your children, you did not create the eggs that allowed you to conceive. Those eggs were given to you by a higer source, God, or whatever semantic term you use, so you could bring forth fruit (ideas) into the world. Same with your ideas, research and findings. Once you've birthed these, let them go, allow them to be used to serve the highest good for all, and that may mean so many things to so many people who deem fit. Some may use it as a stepping stone to get started until they mask enough experience to come up with their own unique findings. As you release your findings, more findings will come to you, that is why it is your responsibility to stay on the cutting-edge in your industry, so you are always two steps ahead of your competitors. Never compete, always create. Don't compete...outlast your competition.

Ayo Fashola
style & fashion consultant

Anonymous said...

Even though it is a nice thought to let go of your blogs and findings/ideas for others to use at their own discretion, I can't help but to feel sad and slightly angry about it. Those who have money as a main priority without regard for others is horrible. But I feel sorry for those individuals that get conned into buying info (with their hard earned money) that they could have gotten for free due to the kindness of someone that really wants to help people. I definitely think you should get your work copyrighted so the scammers have to pay you money for using your info and trying to rip you off.