Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whatever Did We Do to Deserve This?

I realize this isn't hair science-related...but it's my blog and I am feeling the need to rant about that trifling twit on Millionaire Matchmaker.

If you haven't seen the show, the twit in question is Patti Stanger, an annoying, shallow, homely hot mess who has no class, no manners and no style. She owns a business called The Millionaire's Club, which helps men with a lot of money find a "Perfect 10" wife.

That, in itself, is enough to gag me. But my real problem is how she bashes curly girls at every opportunity. She calls them horrible names like "brillo pad," makes them get thermal reconditioning if they want to join her service, and goes ballistic if they show up for a follow-up appointment and she thinks they are not "straight enough". She insists no man--especially one who is wealthy--wants a woman with curly hair.

In my experience, idiots like her spew their ignorance because they don't know how to handle curly hair. It's easier to go on the attack like she does than admit you haven't the slightest clue what to do with it. From what I've seen, she only seems to know how to turn out carbon copies of the O.C. shallow bimbo look.

I guess Bravo couldn't spare the ten seconds it would have taken to find someone more competent with real styling and fashion skills. Of course, these women do allow her to treat them as she does, but I think it's ironic this "reality" show is based on something not real at all.

If you would like to write to Bravo and tell them exactly what you think about this sorry excuse for a reality show, you can do so at:


Jacquie said...

My husband may not be a millionaire, but he prefers my curls to my Chi straightened locks any day.

Anonymous said...

dear tiffany,

i just found your blog and am thrilled. thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

in your section about hair types, you talk about the importance of ph levels of hair and i can't find out how to figure out what my level is. did you write it somewhere that i overlooked?

thanks again and i so agree with you about the bravo show. boo hoo to them!


Sage Vivant said...

Tiffany, you've once again hit the nail on the head with this post. Or maybe I just think so because I trashed Patti last month on The Daily Curl blog for the this very reason! (See for details.) I loved what you wrote here and will follow up with a letter to the network, as you suggest.

It's idiots like her that set us all back light years....

Anonymous said...

Wow Tif!!
I'm so glad you picked up on this because I was sooo offended when I noticed that all the girls with curly hair were told to "blow out" their hair because that's what clients prefer. I don't know how true that is or rather its her spouting more of what she thinks is preferable; nonetheless I have big issues with her philosophy on curlies (and a whole lot of other things)!!
I also found it extremely ironic that she dismissed one woman from casting because her hair was extremely damaged -- I was thinking its probably from blow frying her hair every morning trying to be more what (apparently according to Patti)men want!

Inna said...

Looking at her hair, I'm 90% she has straightened curls herself.I'm 100% sure, thou, she is an epitome of bad manners.

Anonymous said...

Patty with her bone straight black dyed hair is a prime example of what she thinks men want. I mean she's been with the same guy for 7 years and all she has to show for it is a dinky old 'promise ring' - laughable. Oh, I forgot her man isn't a millionair.. Let a curly girl come into his life, Patty will be a thing of matchmakers past...

Love your blog and website, thanks for the tips.

Trigglet said...

Utterly nauseating, the whole concept. She is terrifying, but what's depressing is the number of people who watch this cr@p.

No news, really, though that narrow minded and unimaginative people assume that men want women who look like they have spent all day being preened and pampered, with ironed hair, bronzed limbs and luminous white teeth. Most intelligent people know that this is a fantasy (and not a good one!).

I wouldn't swap my curls even on their worst day for her ugly poker-straight black strands.

augusta said...

i haven't had the pleasure of watching that show, but i've seen this woman you speak of on other shows like oprah. frankly, her hair is soooo boring-she seemingly wants her clients to look like her *rolls eyes*. sorry i like my kinky, curly hair.. its got personality.