Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Live Curly, Live Free Forum

Okay. So maybe there is ONE thing I can't wait to announce, lol.

I am pleased to announce that the Live Curly, Live Free forum is now live and online!

Over the past year, it has become increasing clear to me that more and more people with curly hair have become educated far past the point of “what is CG?” and “what products do I use?” Many individuals have expressed to me a longing for a discussion forum where more attention is paid to the hair science behind our curls, and less to the first baby steps in the curly hair education process.

While beginners’ forums are vitally important for anyone starting on their curly hair journey, there comes a time when some are ready to move on and sink their teeth into meatier discussions. The Live Curly, Live Free Forum aims to provide exactly that:

- advanced hair science conversations
- more in-depth focus on product ingredients, NOT just products and product brands
- product testing

For product testing, we will be assembling a team of product testers who will look at current (and professed) products for curly hair and run them through a fairly serious battery of tests to see how they withstand close scrutiny. They will report on their findings, which will include individual hair properties for a true apples-to-apples comparison, so you can make more informed product choices for your particular hair type. (Manufacturers, beware!)

If you have questions such as what does or does not constitute “CG”, or how to get second day hair, or what your “hair type” is, this forum will not be the place for them. Since 1998, has been providing a place for new beginners to ask those types of questions and you will find plenty of information and support there—but those questions are not relevant to this forum.

Our intent in creating this forum was not to form a "copycat" site, but instead to provide a space where more advanced discussion can take place without loss of focus. If you are ever asked to bring your question elsewhere, it is not because we think your question has no value: it is because it will be better answered where the overall site content is more appropriate for your particular inquiry.

I also ask that you read the Forum Guidelines before participating and feel free to PM me or one of the Moderators if you have any questions. Then sit back and enjoy this opportunity to understand the science of hair as it relates to your own.



Laura Lee said...

The first thing I thought about when I read this was, oh boy is Jillipoo gonna be happy happy happy! Haha, I think I might have to join though. Maybe I can put my chem minor to good use

LouisianaLeigh said...

Wow! I am excited to hear about this. I've stopped visiting NC lately since it was just the same discussions over and over. This sounds like it will be a great niche forum - thanks for putting it together!

Julie said...

Wow, what a wealth of information that will be! Can't wait to lurk! :D

Nic said...