Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, the Anticipation!

I am almost beside myself with anticipation myself :)

I am excited to announce...that I will be making a very exciting announcement on May 11.

Stay tuned!


Laura Lee said...

Oh well that's just mean to tease us :P

StruttsWife said...

But that's half the fun ;)

DEL said...

Yeah that is cruel :p :p

kazza said...

Could the announcement be that your going to come over to the UK so that us UK curlies can get a decent haircut for a change!?? OH please let that be it! :)

StruttsWife said...

Maybe I'll make it to the UK someday, but that's not it, lol.

Things are going so well, I may even be able to announce a little sooner than planned!