Friday, October 15, 2010

Exciting Announcements

Greetings, curl friends! Yes, the Live Curly Live Free blog is still live, although I've had no time to post anything this summer. Life for the Curl Whisperer in Curly World has been extremely hectic and busy!

I have two very exciting announcements to share with you today!

Live Curly Live Free To Offer Hair Analysis Profiles

Effective November 1, Live Curly Live Free will be offering a hair analysis service! As you know, hair texture and hair porosity are the two most important hair properties to know in order to determine the products that will work best for your particular hair type. If you are not a trained cosmetologist, however, this information can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out on your own.

With our new hair analysis service, you will be able to send us a sample of your hair (don't worry, you won't have to cut off a chunk!) and we will analyze your hair texture and hair porosity for you! The hair analysis profile we will send to you will contain your hair texture and your hair porosity characteristics, and will also include detailed information on which product ingredients are best for your particular hair type and, most importantly, which product ingredients you should avoid.

With the new Live Curly Live Free hair analysis service, you will never have to guess about your hair type again!

And Now...(drum roll, please!)...Introducing Our Sister Site, Curl Wizard!

We are over-the-moon excited to introduce our sister site, Curl Wizard, which will be making its debut effective November 15!

As you are aware, the Live Curly Live Free web site is exclusively dedicated to offering curly hair education on a product ingredient, not a product brand, level. By keeping our education at the product ingredient level, it gives our clients and curl friends complete freedom to personally choose the brands they want to use without feeling "locked into" a particular product brand or product manufacturer.

Over the past several years, however, we have received hundreds of requests for product brand recommendations because of our expertise in understanding which products may work best with certain types of hair. Due to the obvious need in the curly hair community for this information, our new sister site, Curl Wizard, will offer a service that provides you with actual product recommendations, based on the hair texture and hair porosity information you provide to us, along with information on which product ingredients are best for your particular hair type and which product ingredients to avoid. And if you aren't sure about your hair type, our new hair analysis service will also be available at Curl Wizard!

Curl Wizard will be unique and effective because we are not owned by a particular product manufacturer whose sole interest is having you purchase their product lines exclusively. Nor will our product recommendations be based on whether or not a product manufacturer has paid us to have their products appear on the new CurlGenie Profile© or because they have spent a fortune on site advertising―something you will never see on either Live Curly Live Free or Curl Wizard.

The product recommendations made in each CurlGenie Profile© will be suggested because we believe, based on objective hair science, that the products listed may deliver good results for your individual hair characteristics―not because a product manufacturer has paid us to put those products on the list or because our main objective is to increase product sales. You can purchase your CurlGenie Profile© in confidence, knowing the products recommended for you were objectively chosen to give you the best results possible!

We hope you are just as excited about these new services as we are!

Curliciously yours,



Risa said...

Tiffany, you are BRILLIANT! Not everyone is as lucky as I am to be able to have you examine and analyse my curls in your salon in St. Petersberg. Your product recommendations and styling techniques were perfect. As a result, my curls ALWAYS look great. Now curly girls from all over an be guided by my curl guru! God bless you.

Paula said...

This is the bomb-diggity!

Will the wizard have options for chemical processes, swimming, sun exposure, climate, etc.?

The Curl Whisperer said...

Not initially, it will just be basic product recommendations. We will be offering more in-depth analysis as time goes on, however, and will probably solicit suggestions from our curl friends on what they would like to see added :)

Anonymous said...

Should the hair samples be without conditioner or styling product on it? And, how many strands of hair do you need?