Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hair Analysis is Live :)

I am happy to report the new hair analysis service on Live Curly Live Free went live on October 29, a few days ahead of schedule.

We are truly excited to be offering this service to our curly-haired friends. Texture and porosity are so important in product determination and I believe this service will help girls with curls to avoid a lot of frustration in the future.

Curl Wizard is still scheduled to go live November 15. For those of you who are asking about pricing: the hair analysis service on Live Curly Live Free is $12.95, which includes information about product ingredients but does not recommend specific products. If you already know your hair texture and porosity, a product recommendation from Curl Wizard will be $9.95. Product recommendations with a hair analysis will be $19.95.

In other news: I was happy to have Mary Pat Mestre join Live Curly Live Free in September as a Curl Educator. She has a terrific depth of knowledge about curly hair and products for curly hair, and has already brought great things to my curly friends and clients (the hair analysis idea was all hers!). I am blessed to have her and am looking forward to some serious movin' and shakin' with her on board.

Time to get back to some Curl Wizard site development!

Peace, love and curls :)


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