Monday, November 15, 2010

Curl Wizard is Live!

I am happy to announce that our sister site, Curl Wizard, is now up and running :)

Curl Wizard is a product recommendation service that provides actual product recommendations, based on the hair property information you provide to us, along with information on which product ingredients are best for your particular hair type and which product ingredients to avoid. If you aren't sure about your hair properties, the new LCLF hair analysis service is also available at Curl Wizard.

I hope my friends with curls will find this service valuable and that it will help to diffuse the minefield of product selection!

You can check out the new Curl Wizard site at


JennyQ said...

Unfortunately I ran out of my usual gel this morning and had to open a fresh bottle before receiving my results. Oh well. I sit in anticipation.

These services are fantastic ideas. I hope you find many successes!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea and helpful service. You should list under the Related Links on your LCLF blog home page so it's more visible.